We Believe

Vitality is a Choice.


Get ready to unleash your inner energy and get a sweat on!

Suitable for all fitness levels, this virtual live class consists of full body training combined with low intensity metabolism-building strength exercises with bursts of high intensity cardio intervals. We will finish the class with simple stretching for a well-rounded training.

How to Prepare/What to Bring:
-Have a yoga mat and enough space to take 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps to each side. Check your overhead space by doing a jumping jack.

-Optional: Water bottle and sweat towel.

-Optional: Music.   I will not be playing music, so mute your speaker and supply your own music.
-Avoid eating a heavy meal at least an hour before. Light snack prior is recommended.

SCHEDULE:  Contact Angie for the current schedule and pricing

Class Length:  varies

-We meet on Zoom, so test your tech setup prior and get used to the controls.

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