Hello!  I am Awesome Angie Engstrom, Honoring the Awesomeness in You!

Despite my naturally bubbly alive personality,

18 years ago, I dropped into a dark place where I couldn’t sleep at night, or get up to face the day.

  • Life became heavy .
  • I lost my joy.
  • The pit of depression was my life.

My determination to rise up, without the use of drugs, has resulted in a level of health and vitality I didn’t know existed in me.

  • I am now on a mission to help others unlock new levels of health, hope and joy for themselves
  • Here is what I know for sure…Your best life is inside of the genius you haven’t embraced yet.
  • I want to show you how to unlock your genius so that everything can get into motion.
  • The things you want to have happen, Will happen, once and for all… Finally!

Speaking Experience (Professional/Academic/Personal)

  • I have spoken on stage at various leadership conferences at the Portland Coliseum with audiences of 10,000 each representing my family business
  • I have done several local speaking events at networking meetings, mostly on the topic of organizing with 40 people each
  • I have given many practice speeches at Toastmasters, including division level competition
  • I served as Immediate Past President of two clubs for several years which gave me plenty of stage time including Windy City Professional Speakers
  • I teach group fitness three days a week which gives me the opportunity to speak in front of a group

The Plank

Plank pose teaches us how to ultimately get ourselves unstuck in all aspects of life by empowering us to be stuck in a constructive way.

The plank pose is no longer a plank.  Plank is a Personal Power Mechanism

You don’t have to stay stuck. You deserve a life of freedom and ease regardless of what you’ve gone through in the past or currently facing today. Every day we have the opportunity to create small wins for ourselves, and planking is one of the many ways we can divert our focus off of our troubles and set ourselves up for success and generate a sense of motivation, confidence, and internal strength to propel us forward through life. And keep your core strong- what a bonus!

ONE Plank. ONE Moment. ONCE a Day!

That’s our mission in the Plank Training Club. 6 continents strong.

Get Ready To Unleash Your Inner Energy and Get a Sweat On!

Suitable for all fitness levels, this virtual live class consists of full body training combined with low intensity metabolism-building strength exercises with bursts of high intensity cardio intervals. We will finish the class with simple stretching for a well-rounded training.

How to Prepare/What to Bring:

  • Have a yoga mat and enough space to take 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps to each side. Check your overhead space by doing a jumping jack.
  • Optional: Water bottle and sweat towel.
  • Optional: Music.   I will not be playing music, so mute your speaker and supply your own music.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal at least an hour before. Light snack prior is recommended.

God Focused Podcast

Life is Simple When You Focus on God

We believe the Bible is true.
We believe that life is simple when we focus on God, one moment at a time.
We believe it’s important to love yourself so that you can shine in this world.
Everyone has their own unique perspective within this framework.
Listen in and explore life with us through this lens of simple Biblical truth.